Sharing hypnotherapy success stories on Facebook

teenage hypnotherapy successOne of the greatest parts of my job is hearing back from clients on how successful their treatment has been.
From former smokers and dieters to workers looking for a confidence boost and sports men and woman wanting to improve their performance – every single one of them who contacts me and lets me know how they have progressed since our sessions together, give me a huge buzz.

And one of the greatest things I’ve seen over the past year, is how my Facebook page has become a hub of support and sharing as clients flock there to tell their individual stories and offer words of advice and support to others.
This week alone, young Gokul has shared his positive weightloss journey (forgive the rather sweaty top from me in the photo!) and Corina, who has lost 30kg, wrote: “My life has changed in so many ways. I feel full of energy and have a real zest for fresh challenges. I have just landed a new job and I know this is because I feel an inner confidence that I didn’t have before”.

Both amazing people who have achieved their dreams.
These are the people who keep me going, who keep me motivated and give me that drive to help more and more clients.
So if you want to join in with the chat, ask me any questions, or just see what others are saying, come on over to the Bridge Hypnotherapy Clinic Facebook page and join our vibrant community.


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