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Step Up challengeI don’t need to tell you how important exercise is to a healthy lifestyle.
But what I can tell you is that you don’t have to rely on expensive gym memberships to incorporate exercise into your daily life.
For a set of stairs is all you need if you want to change your life and reap the benefits of exercising.

By simply choosing to use the stairs instead of the elevator you can give yourself a health boost.
Do you take the elevator without thinking when you’re at work, or in the shopping mall, or visiting an office block?
Next time, stop and think – this time I’m NOT going to press that elevator button, I’m going to climb the stairs instead. And my body will thank me for it!
I use the stairs all the time, but do you know what? I rarely bump into anyone on them, because most others are riding that easy elevator!

Did you know that people who climb stairs have been shown to have lower bad cholesterol and this in turn lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease. There is also a strong link between stair climbing and healthy bone density, so it’s particularly beneficial for those who might have a genetic history of osteoporosis. And that’s not all – even going down the stairs also reduces blood sugar levels, which can help in dropping your risk for developing type 2 diabetes.

There are so many benefits to doing this one simple thing; a change each and every one of us can make.
And so that’s why I am launching my StepUP Challenge. Because by making these small changes to our daily habits, we can eventually make massive changes to our health and our future.
After launching my StepUP Challenge while I’m working here in Dubai, I have been overwhelmed with people and businesses contacting me, wanting to find out more. I feel so encouraged that so many people out there want to rediscover their motivation and put themselves back on track to a healthy lifestyle. I have been particularly struck by the number of businesses who want to launch this for their workers, as they recognize that a healthy workforce is a happy and productive one too!

How wonderful to think that the stairwells of Dubai could soon been very busy and I won’t be on my own anymore!

Two young guys who were struggling with their weight came to see me at my Dubai clinic and I thought they were a perfect fit for the StepUP Challenge.
So both Abdullah and Gokul, who I was treating with a combination of hypnotherapy and motivational techniques to help them change their relationship with food and exercise, were given the challenge – climb the 100 flights of stairs in the building where my clinic is!
A tough call, but I knew they could do it. And so, despite their initial nerves, Abdullah and Godul gave it a go. They had already been losing losing weight which had in turn had a positive impact on their  fitness levels.
So, using the confidence techniques that I had taught them, they made it to the top of the building with a healthy glow and a big smile on their faces.
Both were amazed that they had achieved so much in such a short space of time and it has given them that extra boost to keep going until they reach their target weight.

This could be you too!

If you feel motivated to take my StepUp Challenge and need that kick start, I’m offering a FREE Motivation for Exercise download (worth £49.99) when you buy my complete weight loss hypnotherapy programme Why Weight+4 – a complete package with the four best selling downloads in one place; Self Hypnosis, Comfort Eating, Portion Control and Healthy Eating.
If you want an idea of the success people have had using the downloads, visit my Facebook page –
Help yourself to find that thin person inside.

Free hypnotherapy download


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