Hypnotherapy: Not just for celebrities

For a long time celebrities have been using hypnotherapy to help in their careers.
Whether it’s to overcome performance anxiety before a stage appearance, improving concentration levels before a big sporting event or using the therapy for weight loss, stars the world over have been turning to hypnotherapy for help.
And their results have been well documented.

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Singer Lilly Allen famous lost a lot of weight using hypnotherapy. Actor Matt Damon had therapy to help him quit smoking and golfer Tiger Woods turned to hypnosis to get “in the zone”.
Stars who suffer with performance anxiety regularly turn to a hypnotherapist to overcome the debilitating condition.
And more recently, TV cook Nigella Lawson hit the headlines when she lost a lot of weight using hypnotherapy.
It doesn’t matter whether you are successful and confident in your career and personal life, speaking in front of an audience can send even the strongest of us rushing for the wings, trembling with fright.
Performance anxiety is not about being weak. It’s an emotional reaction to feeling vulnerable and exposed. What if people laugh or criticise? What if you can’t remember what to say and clam-up on stage? All of these fears provoke the fight or flight response, and flight tends to dominate!
And of course the build-up to the performance itself has only served to heighten those sub-conscious fears, so that when the day dawns you’re ready to run.

That’s why so many well-known faces turn to Cognitive Behaviour Hypnotherapy for help. From the likes of David Beckham to Winston Churchill, many performers and members of high office have tapped in to the benefits of hypnosis to help them get over their issues.
The therapy allows you to tackle the psychological and emotional underpinnings of your fears and re-patterns your responses to frightening and stressful situations so that you can take to the stage or make that presentation with confidence.

BUT. The beauty of hypnotherapy is that it is there for anyone to access. It is not just for the rich and famous.
I have so many great stories of clients realising their dreams after sessions with me. From weight loss and phobias to sporting achievements and academic success.
See a selection of my hypnotherapy success stories here and if you have an issue you need solving, drop the clinic a line.



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