The skinny on sugar

I found this excellent video recently and thought I would share it with you because it reveals some really eye-opening facts about our diet, sugary drinks and the world’s obesity epidemic.
It reveals very clearly why sugar is one of the root causes of the growing obesity rate – really quite scary stuff.

It’s from American Dr Robert Lustig. It’s rather long – about 90 minutes – but it’s really worth a watch. And it’s had more than 3 million views so the GREAT news is people are listening.

Many of the people I see for weight loss are actually addicted to sugar.
We all like a sweet treat once in a while, but for some people sugar is like a drug. In the last 50 years sugar consumption has tripled.
Grabbing a cupcake or downing a can of fizz can be that little sugar fix that helps us get through the day when our energy levels are flagging, but what we may not consider is that sugar actually acts like a drug on our brains. This is because when we eat it the ‘pleasure’ chemical dopamine is released, which instantly lifts our mood. However, when that sugar rush is over, it can leave you feeling tired and cranky, causing us to seek out the sugar hit again.

Even more worrying is the fact that what also tends to happen is that our waistlines begin to expand. It’s no coincidence that as sugar consumption has increased dramatically, so too has the incidence of Type-2 diabetes, which has shot up by a massive 50% in the last seven years.

If you have a sweet tooth and you know your sugar cravings are having a detrimental effect on your life, then hypnotherapy can help you to break the addiction. By re-programming your brain to crave other foods, it transforms the way you eat and makes losing weight inevitable as part of the process of rejecting an unhealthy diet and embracing one that will make you thin, healthy and full of beans (rather than cake!).


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