The Power to Empower


It’s easy to think back to our own childhood and remember the good bits and the bad, but can we as parents ever really get back in touch with what it really feels like to be a kid? Sure we can empathise when a child says they are afraid or upset, but it’s hard to recollect the powerful, complicated and often unexplained feelings that our children and teens have when interacting with the world around them. This is where specialist children’s hypnotherapy can make all the difference.

Hypnosis helps young people deal with issues of low self-esteem, motivation for learning and anxiety. Russell Hemmings is an expert in dealing with all these worries and the ramifications they can have on family life. His supportive and nurturing therapies teach kids and their families a range of strategies to help them deal effectively with the problems they are experiencing, giving them the tools they need to maximise their true potential. If you’re concerned that your child may need help, just click or call and act now to ensure a brighter future.


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